Référence Désignation
VALAQCL1 Lacquering guide rails 40 by lm (lgmax= 8000mm)
VALAQCL2 Lacquering guide rails 50 to 80 by lm (lgmax= 8000mm)
VALAQCLT Lacquering AT guide rails 60 to 160 by lm
VALAQCOR1 Lacquering brackets 30×30 by lm (lgmax= 8000)
VALAQCOR2 Lacquering brackets 50 to 60 by lm (lgmax= 8000)
VALAQFINALE Lacquering bottom slat by lm (lgmax = 8000mm)
VALAQLAM1 Lacquering P80/100/107/112/116 and bottom slat with panel by lm (lgmax =8000mm)
VALAQLAM2 Lacquering P57 by lm (lgmax = 8000mm)
VALAQPAN Lacquering panel VISIS/AERO/Extensible grilles by M² (lgmax = 8000mm)
VALAQPIECE Lacquering handles and AT hooks
VALAQPIECE2 Lacquering des cavaliers & stops
VALAQPL Lacquering profile 1 & 2 by lm PROFILIGHT (lgmax = 8000)
VALAQPLAQUE Lacquering rolling plate (by unit)
VALAQTOL Lacquering sheet metal (fold) on 1 side by M² (lgmax = 7000mm)