Reference Description Weight Kg/u Sales unit
MLTPA30 Parachute 1/2 RD 30 with switch (Cmax: 332Nm) 4,52 U
MLTPA40A Parachute 2/3 RD 40 with switch (Cmax: 552Nm) 7,54 U
MLTPA40B Parachute FG80-40 Cmax: 552Nm (Cmax: 800Nm) 3,5 U
MLTPA50 Parachute FG120-50 Cmax: 552Nm (Cmax: 1200Nm) 3,5 U
MLTPA60 Parachute N°4-60 Cmax: 552Nm (Cmax: 2000Nm) 29 U
MLTPA80 Parachute 6 RD 80 Cmax: 552Nm (Cmax: 3503Nm) 30 U